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Avidasports™ is the tool to motivate and teach swimmers to train smarter with your coaching. Avidasports™ gives them customized, personalized training in a way that nothing else can. Swimmers experience unmatched improvement!

Improve Your Swimmers Faster

Are you a coach who believes in accountability? Do you want every length of your swimmer’s training to have purpose? Each coach can now cover an entire practice, leveraging their coaching to give every swimmer their own personal coach, resulting in incredible accountability and results. Avidasports™ is your answer to work with every swimmer, every length, resulting in engaged, meaningful training everyday.

How Coaches Benefit – The Value

Using Avidasports™ helps to increase the rate of swimmer improvement – Avidasports™  swimmers experience an average season improvement of 4%.

2012 Average Team Improvement
Improvement Over Personal Best Times
Andover 4.60%
Holland 4.15%

Learn from Other Coaches

One Avidasports™ coach developed this training chart.  Using test sets and swimmer input he creates a chart for every swimmer.  It is designed to provide a very clear performance expectation of each swimmer during practice.  Daily workouts are photocopied and given to each lane.  Now both the swimmer and coach have an expectation for the Avidasports™ data that should post.

Keep Improving Your Swimmers

Continue the excitement of improving with your Avidasports™ solution!

What’s new

How fast can you “gear up?” Here’s a summary of the time it takes a swimmer to get their Avidasports™ gear on for practice.

Practice Time to “Gear Up”
1st 12 min.
4th 10 min.
8th under 2 min.

Success Stories

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Learn how swimmers have used Avidasports™ to become better swimmers, resulting in one personal best after another!