Swim Smarter, Swim Faster: Five Easy Steps to Improve Your Lap Time

The goal of every swimmer is to shave seconds off their race times and continually get better.  While the goal is simple, achieving results is not. Most swimmers spend countless hours training inside and outside of the pool, but it’s tough to measure … [Read more]

10 Foods That Unleash the Olympian in Every Swimmer

Swimming is an intense sport, so competitive swimmers need to make sure they fuel their bodies with the proper nutrition, in the right quantity, day-in and day-out. On race days, it’s also important to snack on energy foods between events and stay … [Read more]

Workout Tips for Swimmers to Use Outside of the Pool

Training a Fish Out of the Water For competitive swimmers to be on top of their game, it’s essential to train both inside and outside of the pool. Yet, many swimmers don’t fully understand the benefits of dry land training and focus on the wrong … [Read more]