Applications of Technology


Applications for Avidasports Patented Technology


Avidasports patented technologies are useful in a wide variety of applications where object tracking and locating are critical. Acquisition of the Avidasports patent portfolio would provide immediate patent coverage to support entry into new markets, competitive advantage over peers in existing markets, and realization of a superior technical position without investing time and resources in expensive research and development.  The Avidasports patent portfolio would provide a strategic asset for negotiations, market positioning, and increasing value of an existing patent portfolio.

The beacon locating, telemetry, and data transmission claims in the Avidasports patent portfolio are relevant to many economic sectors:

Industrial Applications

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse and shipping logistics
  • Automation and materials handling
  • Personnel management
  • Equipment management
  • Unmanned vehicles

Athletic Applications

  • Wearable player tracking
  • Object tracking
  • Athletic training
  • Coaching tools
  • Performance metrics
  • Data collection and synthesis
  • Swim training and events
  • Kinesiology

Sporting Events and Broadcasting Applications

  • Real-time player and object tracking
  • Creating positional information for broadcast
  • Data collection and synthesis
  • Leveraging existing equipment and infrastructure for new uses
  • Improving remote viewer experience
  • Improving spectator experience at live events

Entertainment Applications

  • Video gaming
  • Interactive gaming
  • Interactive customer or visitor experience
  • Tracking, locating, and data collection for vehicles or other subject matter
  • Improving visitor experience

Military Applications

  • Tracking and locating vehicles, personnel, and other objects
  • Locating emissions sources
  • Surveillance
  • Improving capabilities of existing assets