About Avidasports

History and Vision

The Avidasports™ company concept is the brain trust of Bruce J. Burton. Mr. Burton, an avid sportsman and successful entrepreneur, developed the idea while watching his daughter swim for Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It was obvious to him, “What if she had the ability to see how she was performing in the water during and after every practice? What if the coach could talk to her while practicing?”

Since August 2006, Mr. Burton and former Cranbrook Head Coach, Scott Hedges, have teamed up to make Avidasports™ a reality. Today Avidasports™ based in Harper Woods, Michigan, is a 15 person operation. The vision of the team is simple – offer a system that will provide athletes and coaches the competitive training edge.  We believe each athlete will fast forward their performance when given the capabilities to train at their best daily.  SwimSmarter, SwimFaster!

Our vision is to challenge athletes to achieve their personal best. Avidasports™ makes swimmers faster by developing neural reconditioning which increases performance by linking mindset and technique to results. Muscle memory creates successful training routines making predictability and replication far easier on race day.