Success Stories

The profiles outlined below are real-life examples of how Avidasports™ has helped athletes improve – take a few minutes to explore them and see how Avidasports™ can be life changing to the members of your program.


Holland High School & Michigan
Lakeshore Aquatics
Learn how Don Kimble and the swimmers of these programs used Avidasports™ to maximize their performance and win the 2011 Michigan State Championships. Hear how Don successfully integrated the tool and overcame budgetary challenges making it invaluable to this programs.
Andover High School 2011 Girls High School Team Successes.
Skye Formanek A freshman Andover swimmer who found her competitive nature this season.
Stephanie Fotouhi A junior three-time state qualifier, Stephanie dropped times in all her events.
Sarah Kilbride Sarah now holds two school records at Andover.
Alesha Kotian Alesha focused on stroke count and tempo, she dropped 3 sec. in her Free stroke count this season.
Chelsea Zhou Chelsea had a 2 sec. time drop in her 200 Free and 100 Free that took her to the state finals for the first time.
Taylor Garcia Made her first Olympic Trials cut at 12. She rounded out her MI 2011 State Meet with perfect placement.
Holland High School The 2011 Michigan High School Division II State Champions started using Avidasports in the fall of 2011 and learned to swim smarter giving his team the competitive edge to winning.
Courtney Bartholomew Courtney placed first in the 100 Back, 200 IM, 200 Medley and 400 Free Relays at MI 2011 State Championships.
Taylor Garcia Avidasports helped Taylor with overall efficiency including her breakouts.
Cassie Misiewicz Cassie focused on length times by setting goals, automatic feedback helped her know how she performed during each length.
Holly Morren She learned about speed, watching her tempo and compared it to her length time.
Haley Thompson Avidasports helps Haley track her progress and kept her engaged teaching her to swim smarter.
Melissa Vandermeulen Melissa ulitized feedback so that she could accomplish a fast length time with minimum strokes.
University of Michigan Read how Michigan ’embraces cutting-edge technology’ as part of their team’s culture.
Matt Patton Matt learned to change his stroke by increasing his tempo resulting in major time drops.