AvidaMetrics uses athletic telemetry to collect eight (8) key performance metrics in real time for your entire team eliminating the need to manually collect and calculate performance data!

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  • Select benchmark metrics for audio feedback to be heard during practice.
  • Establish training groups to easily monitor your swimmers real time data.
  • Archive season workouts viewable by coaches and swimmers.


  • Monitor your entire team to instantly see how your athletes are performing during training. Performance metrics captured include swimmer’s pace (speed), stroke count, avg. stroke tempo, avg. distance per stroke, length time, and breakout time.
  • Select two performance metrics for the system to communicate directly to your swimmers. After every length, each athlete will have precise training feedback feedback that can be seen by multiple coaches simultaneously.
  • Talk live to an individual swimmer or a group of swimmers while they train.


  • Coaches and athletes can log into the Review module after training to review over 12 graphs and charts. Look at a single practice, a weeks worth of practices, or the entire season to track improvement over time. Athletes can also compare their training performance with others on the team.
  • Analyze additional metrics such as kick count and average kick tempo in the Review module.
  • Replay coaches calls or voice messages to the individual swimmers.

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