Swim Faster

Avidasports™ is a swim training technology that results in unmatched accelerated improvement in times for all swimming events and distances.

How our swim training technology works:

The feedback the swimmer and coach receive “real time” during training sessions on predetermined performance measurement targets creates the ultimate accountability to results. The swimmer receives audio feedback from the coach AND the computer – all while the system is calculating and trending length-by-length swimmer analysis of key performance metrics for the entire season for up to 100 swimmers – simultaneously.

Practice now trains the brain, not just the body. Swimmers learn “what works” much faster than before and builds “muscle memory” during training that can be applied race day. Simply, the use of Avidasports results in one personal best after another at a faster rate, regardless of the level of swimmer. In the end, it’s all about using technology to not only win but also to make the coach’s job easier by providing an in-water tracking tool.

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Now each lap matters. It’s time to swim smarter, faster. Avidasports™ wins.